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Story Teller Series Samples, 10 inches square, Oil and Wax on Panel. Bloodline

blood1 blood2

There was a time when people told stories. In the midst of sorrow and in the presence of joy, both mourner and celebrants told stories. But especially in time of discord, when a ‘miracle’ was needed and the limits of human ability were reached, people turned to storytelling as a way of exploring the most basic mysteries: Who are we? Why are we? How are we to live?

Hansel and Gretel: The Dream Before 1-5 #1 of this series is 2′ x 2′.

dream1 dream2 dream3 dream4 These most fundamental questions are equally spiritual questions, and so the stories that people told focused on spirituality. They are also concerned with imperfection- the limits experienced by those subject to failures. Without imperfection’s gap between intention and results there would be no story. For God made man because he loves stories.

Stories move metaphor and image into experience. Stories generate what is invisible and ineffable. Stories invite a kind of vision that gives shape and form even to the invisible, making the images move, clothing the metaphors, throwing color into the shadows. Of all the devices available to us, stories are the surest way of touching the human spirit.